9.4. Replacement of the transmission


We work at a viewing ditch or the elevator.
We disconnect "minus" a wire from the rechargeable battery.
We disconnect from the transmission cardan transfer (see Replacement of cardan transfer) and we remove it from the car.
We remove a reception pipe of mufflers (see Replacement of details of system of release).
We disconnect plugs from the backing light switch (see Replacement of the switch of light of a backing).

In salon the decorative cover is accurately removed from a ring.

Having hooked the screw-driver, we separate the rings holding a rug.

Shifting and raising a rug, we unscrew four self-tapping screws of fastening of a cover.

We take out from under a rug a cover with a porolonovy sealant and we raise them.

Having pressed down the gear shifting handle, by the thin screw-driver it is taken out the locking plug from a lever core flute...

... also we remove the handle.

Striking blows in the assembly shovel implanted between the engine and a partition of a motor compartment, we unbend an eye washer of the top bolt of fastening of a case of coupling.

Key "on 19" we turn off a bolt.

More convenient for this purpose to use a special curved key with a head.

By key or head "on 13" with the cardan hinge it is turned off two top bolts of fastening of a starter to a coupling case.

The head "on 13" with the extender turned off the lower bolt of fastening of a starter.

Key "on 10" we turn off four bolts of fastening of a cover of a case of coupling.

Hand or sliding passatizha we turn off the nut fixing a flexible shaft of the drive of a speedometer to the drive case.

We establish an emphasis under the lower part of a case of a box.

Head "on 19" with the cardan hinge on the extender of a neck we turn off the remained three bolts of fastening of a case of coupling.

Key "on 13" we turn off two nuts of fastening of a cross-piece.

We remove the transmission, having shifted it back.

For replacement of the transmission we disconnect a coupling case (see Repair of the transmission).
We install the transmission as it should be, the return to removal. Before installation apply on shlitsevy the end of a main shaft a thin film of SHRUS-4 lubricant.