9.3. Replacement of a cuff of a secondary shaft


Work is carried out on a viewing ditch or the elevator.
We disconnect from the transmission cardan transfer (see Replacement of cardan transfer) and we shift it back.
For convenience of work...

... a head "on 13" we turn off two nuts of fastening of a cross-piece to a body and we lower a back part of a box against the stop.

Two keys "on 19" we turn off three nuts of fastening of the elastic coupling to a flange.

For simplification of removal and installation of the coupling it is possible to put on it a special collar or to wind with an adhesive tape (see Features of repair of the five-speed transmission).

Having hooked the screw-driver...

... we remove the elastic coupling.

We remove a sealant of the aligning ring.

By stripper it is removed a lock ring from a secondary shaft.

Using a bolt in a flange of the elastic coupling as a clamp, a key "on 30" we turn off a nut of its fastening on several turns to shift the aligning ring.

By two screw-drivers it is removed the aligning ring of the elastic coupling.

Having turned off a nut and having removed a spring washer...

... we pull together with a stripper a flange of the elastic coupling...

... also we remove it.

Having hooked the screw-driver, we take out a cuff of a secondary shaft.

Before installation we grease a cuff with a thin layer of any lubricant.

We press a new cuff through a pipe of suitable diameter or an old cuff.

We establish the removed details in the return sequence.