9.1. Check of level and replacement of oil in the transmission


Work is carried out on a viewing ditch or the elevator.
Key "on 17" we turn off a jellied stopper and a finger or a hook we check oil level. Oil level in the transmission has to reach the lower edge of a maslozalivny opening.
Before replacement of oil it is necessary to warm up it, having passed not less than 10 km on the car. We recommend to plan replacement of oil after a long trip in advance.
Key "on 17" we turn off a masloslivny stopper of a case and we merge oil in the suitable capacity (not less than 2 l). Upon termination of discharge of oil we clear a magnet of a stopper and we wrap it. If the merged oil of dark color, and to a magnet of a stopper stuck many metal particles, the box should be washed out.

For this purpose, having wrapped a drain stopper, we fill in in a box (the syringe or a hose with a funnel) about 1 l of mix of gearbox or engine oil from 20–30% of kerosene or diesel fuel.

Having wrapped a jellied stopper, we hang out one back wheel and, having launched the engine, we include the I transfer.

2–3 min. later we stop the engine and, having lowered the car, we merge flushing mix. Having once again cleared a magnet of a drain stopper, we wrap it. We fill in 1,35 l of fresh gearbox oil and we wrap a jellied stopper. This operation can be combined with washing of a reducer of the back bridge (see oil Replacement).