8.6. Replacement of a press disk assembled and coupling switching off bearing


For access to clutch plates it is necessary to remove the transmission (see Replacement of the transmission), but there is less labor-consuming way. Work is carried out on a viewing ditch or the elevator.
We disconnect from the transmission cardan transfer (see Replacement of cardan transfer), the working cylinder of coupling (see Replacement of the working cylinder of coupling).
We remove tips of wires from backing light switch conclusions (see Replacement of the switch of light of a backing).
We disconnect from the block of cylinders a coupling case, and from a body – a cross-piece of a back support of the power unit (see Replacement of the transmission).

Head "on 13" we turn off two nuts of fastening of a support...

... also we remove it from the transmission.

We shift the transmission back against the stop of the gear shifting handle in a back part of an opening of a floor.
The transmission will be kept on weight by a reception pipe of the muffler. Under a back part of a box in addition we put a reliable emphasis.

Holding a flywheel an assembly shovel, a key "on 13" we turn off six bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling, turning a bent shaft for access to them.

We remove press a clutch plate...

… we remove conducted …

… and press clutch plates.

Having pulled outside from a case, we take out a coupling switching off fork, we remove the coupling switching off bearing from the leading shaft of the transmission.

We establish coupling details as it should be, the return to removal. Before installation it is wiped working surfaces of a flywheel, the press and conducted disks with the fabric moistened in gasoline. We align the conducting and conducted disks concerning the bearing in an end face of a bent shaft, using the mandrel imitating the end of a main shaft of the transmission (see Appendices). After an inhaling of bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling to a flywheel the mandrel has to be taken out freely, by hand, from the bearing.
Before installation of the transmission we grease with a thin layer of SHRUS-4 lubricant of a vent of a main shaft.
Having established coupling, we regulate a free wheeling of a pusher of the working cylinder of coupling (see Adjustment of the drive).