8.5. Replacement of the working cylinder of coupling


We perform work on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

We disconnect an ottyazhny spring.

Passatizhami we remove the forelock from the end of a pusher.

Key "on 17" we weaken fastening of a tip of a hose in a cylinder stopper.

Head "on 13" we turn off two bolts of fastening of the cylinder to a coupling case.

Holding a hose tip a key "17" and rotating the cylinder hands, we disconnect it from a hose.

To reduce liquid losses, at once navorachivay by a hose tip the new cylinder. Further we install the cylinder as it should be, the return to removal, and we regulate a gap between a pusher and a fork.
After installation of the new cylinder, we pump over system of a hydraulic actuator of coupling (see Replacement of liquid and pumping of a hydraulic actuator of coupling).