8.4. Repair of the main cylinder of coupling


We remove from the car the main cylinder of coupling (see Replacement of the main cylinder of coupling).

Having hooked the screw-driver, we remove a protective cap from a cylinder end face.

Having hooked a pricker, we take a lock washer...

... also we take out the union with sealing laying.

Having clamped the cylinder in a vice, a key "on 22" we turn off a stopper.

Stripper or having hooked the thin screw-driver, we remove a lock ring...

... also we take from the detail cylinder case.

Attentively we examine details. The mirror of the cylinder and the external surface of pistons should not have рисок and other damages. If the returnable spring was deformed or considerably reduced elasticity, it should be replaced. Surely we replace rubber sealing rings. The damaged protective cap is replaced. It is impossible to reuse also a lock washer of the union.
Washout carefully of a detail brake fluid, we assemble the cylinder as it should be, the return to dismantling.