8.1. Replacement of liquid and pumping of a hydraulic actuator of coupling


It is recommended to replace liquid in a coupling hydraulic actuator every five years operation of the car.
We pump over a hydraulic actuator in case air for one reason or another got to system. Availability of air in a hydraulic actuator leads to incomplete switching off of coupling (coupling "conducts") and, as a result, the complicated gear shifting.
We perform work together on a viewing ditch or the elevator.
We clear the flowing union of the working cylinder of switching off of coupling of dirt, if necessary we add liquid in a tank. We remove a protective cap and we put on a rubber hose which end is lowered in capacity with a small amount of liquid an union head. The transparent hose is convenient – in it vials of the deleted air are well visible.
The assistant presses a pedal of coupling of 3-5 times with intervals of pressing 2–3 with and holds a pedal of pressed. We unscrew the union on 1/4–1/3 turns. The pedal "will leave" forward. When the expiration of liquid with vials of air from a hose stops, we wrap the union then the assistant releases a pedal.
We repeat the specified operation until cease to quit vials of air the system, watching liquid level in a tank and adding it as required.
When replacing liquid we pump over system until from a hose fresh, lighter liquid does not go.