7. System of production of the fulfilled gases

1 – exhaust pipe;
2 – pillow of a suspension bracket of an exhaust pipe;
3 – muffler suspension bracket belt;
4 – main muffler;
5 – forward pipe of the main muffler;
6 – collars;
7 – additional muffler;
8 – forward pipe of the additional muffler;
9 – a collar of fastening of a reception pipe to the transmission;
10 – gas-receiver;
11 – reception pipes;
12 – deaf partition;
13 – top semi-case of the additional muffler;

14 – the forward punched pipe;
15 – lower semi-case of the additional muffler;
16 – diaphragm;
17 – the back punched pipe;
18 – top semi-case of the main muffler;
19 – inlet branch pipe;
20 – lower semi-case of the main muffler;
21 – perforation on pipes for clearing of energy of gases;
22 – the punched partition;
23 – left pipe;
24 – final branch pipe;
And, B – schemes of passing of the fulfilled gases respectively via additional and main mufflers.

The system of release consists of three separate sections. The fulfilled gases from a final collector get to a reception pipe, further pass through additional and main mufflers and pass to atmosphere. Pipes of mufflers are connected among themselves by collars.

The flange of a reception pipe is fixed by four brass nuts on collector hairpins through the reinforced asbestos laying.

The main muffler is attached by two rubber belts and a rubber pillow to the luggage carrier bottom. Mufflers non-demountable and to repair are not subject.