6.4. Replacement of a radiator of the engine


We merge from system cooling liquid (see Replacement of cooling liquid).

Having weakened a collar, we disconnect a hose of a broad tank from a radiator, …

... and also bringing (top)...

... and taking away (lower) hoses. (The electric fan is removed for descriptive reasons).

We disconnect sockets of wires of the electric fan and the sensor of its inclusion.

Key "on 8" we turn off three bolts of fastening of the electric fan to a radiator...

... also we remove the electric fan.

Key "on 10" we unscrew two screws of fastening of a radiator...

... also we remove a radiator from the car.

At the same time try not to touch it with a middle part other details of the car – it is possible to damage aluminum fins of tubes of a radiator.

If necessary we remove and we replace rubber pillows of a radiator.

We establish a radiator in the return sequence then we fill in cooling liquid (see Replacement of cooling liquid).

ATTENTION! At installation of the hoses connecting cooling system elements replace regular collars with worm. They condense connections more conveniently at repair more reliably.

Before installation of an old radiator it is recommended to wash out his internal cavity water through branch pipes, and also to wash up it outside.
It is possible to wash out the engine cooling system without its dismantling. There is a set of the medicines intended especially for it. It is more convenient to use them when replacing cooling liquid. Before use of medicine attentively study the instruction attached to it. As a rule, the cleaner is added to old cooling liquid through a radiator mouth. Then we launch the engine and after the expiration of time specified in the instruction (of several minutes till several o'clock), we merge cooling liquid. We wash out the engine cooling system water, deleting the remains of medicine and dirt then we fill system with fresh cooling liquid.

ATTENTION! Long operation of the car with a cleaner in the cooling system (more than a term specified in the instruction) is inadmissible.