6.1. Replacement of cooling liquid


ATTENTION! Replace cooling liquid only on the cold engine.

We transfer the top control lever a heater to extreme right situation, opening the heater radiator crane.
We open a cowl.
For convenience we remove an engine mudguard (see Replacement of pillows and a bar of the stabilizer).

We remove a stopper of a broad tank.

We remove a stopper of a jellied mouth of a radiator.

We turn off the stopper of a drain opening located in the bottom left corner of a radiator...

... also we merge cooling liquid in in advance prepared capacity not less than 10 l.

We unfasten a belt of fastening of a broad tank and, having raised a tank, we merge through a radiator the remained liquid from a connecting hose. We install a tank into place.

Key "on 13" on the left side of the engine we turn off a stopper of a drain opening and we merge the remained liquid from the block of cylinders.

We wrap traffic jams of drain openings in the block of cylinders and a radiator.
We fill in fresh cooling liquid in a radiator.
Formation of air traffic jams can be avoided, having removed a rubber hose from the inlet pipeline. At emergence of liquid – we put on a hose the union.
Having completely filled a radiator, we wait several minutes and if necessary we add liquid. We close a radiator a stopper.

We fill in liquid in a broad tank to level 3-4 cm higher than the mark "MIN".

We launch the engine and we warm up it up to the working temperature. Watching liquid level in a broad tank, if necessary we add.
Working temperature of the engine is equal to about 90 °C.