5.5. Repair of the carburetor


Violations in operation of the carburetor during operation of the car are most often connected with a contamination of its channels (the calibrated openings of small diameter and fuel jets), and also with adjournment of pitches in them. We eliminate such malfunction with washing of jets and internal cavities of the carburetor with acetone and a purge with their compressed air under pressure of not less than 4 kgfs/cm2.
Violation of tightness of channels of the carburetor leads to incorrect work or full malfunction of system of idling, the drive of the gate of the second camera and other its systems and devices. Causes of defect: damage of laying, sealing rubber rings; weakening of an inhaling of fixing connections; deformation of a cover and lower plane of the case of the carburetor (result of pulling of nuts and screws of their fastening); damage of diaphragms of the drive of a butterfly valve of the second camera, starting arrangement and accelerating pump).
Part of malfunctions can be caused by wear of separate elements of the carburetor, for example the needle valve with a saddle.
For an example repair of the carburetor in general here is shown. In practice happens to execute enough only a part of these operations to eliminate concrete malfunctions. Some of them can be executed on the car (see the Description of a design).
Check and replacement of the electromagnetic valve of system of idling are described in the section Replacement of the Electromagnetic Valve of System of Idling.