5.5.1. Repair of the needle valve


Having squeezed a spring of telescopic draft of the starting arrangement.

… we disconnect it from the trekhplechy lever of the air gate.

By the crosswise screw-driver it is turned off five screws of fastening of a cover...

... and, holding laying, we remove it (do not lose screws of fastening of a cover!).

Having turned a cover a float up, we check tightness of the needle valve. For this purpose a rubber pear (or a mouth through the hose which is put on the fuel supply union) we create depression. The faulty or got littered valve does not hold depression – the pear is right there straightened.

We remove telescopic draft.

To thin small beards we beat out a float axis.

Having raised a float, …

… we remove the needle valve from its emphasis.

We remove laying of a cover.

Key "on 10" we turn off a valve saddle.

Under a saddle laying from soft metal is established.

We examine a needle cone – whether it has development (a rim at an edge). If there are no wear tracks, wash out the valve with a saddle (previously having washed out the fuel filter) and it is double-checked on tightness. The faulty and worn-out valve is changed.
It is possible to restore operability of the valve if to increase a little an opening in a saddle, but this operation demands accuracy, metalwork skills and not always brings success.