5.3.4. Adjustment of level of fuel in the float-operated camera


We uncover the carburetor (see Repair of the carburetor).

Before adjustment we check reliability of operation of the needle valve (see Repair of the carburetor).

Holding a cover vertically (the uvula of a float touches a damping ball of the valve, but does not utaplivat it)...

... we measure by a caliper distance between laying of a cover and a float which has to be 6,5±0,25 mm.

For installation of this gap it is possible to use a drill of suitable diameter.

If necessary we regulate a gap, accurately turning in or unbending a float uvula.

Having rejected a float against the stop from situation in which checked fuel level, we check the maximum course of a float which has to be 8±0,25 mm.

If necessary we turn in the top uvula of a float, trying to obtain the necessary size of the course.