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5.3.3. Adjustment of the starting arrangement

Starting arrangement of the carburetor

1 – lever of the drive of the air gate;
2 – air gate;
3 – draft of the starting arrangement;
4 – rod of the starting arrangement;

5 – adjusting screw;
6 – butterfly valve of the first camera;
7 – draft of the drive of a butterfly valve.


It is possible to check and adjust the size of half-open of the air gate on the car, having uncovered the air filter (it is shown on the removed carburetor).

We turn off a stopper of the starting arrangement. Under a stopper the adjusting screw is located.

Pressing the trekhplechy lever (if the carburetor on the car, then having extended the handle of "suction"), we close the air gate completely and utaplivay draft in the case of the starting arrangement against the stop.

Drill with a diameter of 5,5 mm we check gap size between the lower edge of the air gate and a wall of the camera.

The thin screw-driver, rotating the adjusting screw, we change gap size. For reduction – the screw is wrapped, for increase – we turn off.

Having adjusted, we establish a stopper of the starting arrangement into place.

Holding for the trekhplechy lever the air gate in completely closed position, a drill with a diameter of 0,9-1,0 mm (the wire from a small office paper clip will approach) we check a gap between a butterfly valve and a wall of the camera around openings of the transitional modes.

We regulate a gap …

… or having rearranged draft in other opening of the lever.

… or having turned in draft.