5.3.1. Adjustment of the drive of the carburetor


We remove the case of the air filter (see Replacement of the carburetor).

We measure intercenter distance between draft tips which has to be equal to 80 mm.

If necessary we remove one of tips from the lever, having hooked it the screw-driver.

Key "on 8" we weaken a lock-nut and, rotating a tip, we regulate the draft length (on a photo the hose of removal of crankcase gases is removed).

Having tightened a nut and having established draft into place, we ask the assistant to press a pedal of "gas" against the stop. If the butterfly valve of the first camera at the same time opened not completely – the lever of the gate has the additional course.

We remove a tip of longitudinal draft from the intermediate lever.

Having weakened a lock-nut, we reduce draft length, we put it into place and again we check opening of the gate.

Then we release a pedal and we check the provision of a butterfly valve which has to be completely closed now. If necessary we extend draft.
We weaken a cable of the drive of the air gate (see Replacement of the carburetor). In interior of the car utaplivay the handle of control of the air gate against the stop.

Having pressed the trekhplechy lever, completely we open the air gate …

….и in such situation we wrap the lock screw.

Having extended the handle of management, we close the air gate. After that again utaplivay it against the stop. If the gate completely opened, finally we tighten the lock screw. If necessary we repeat adjustment.