5.2. Replacement of the electromagnetic valve of system of idling


We disconnect a wire tip from a valve conclusion (for descriptive reasons the case of the air filter is removed).

We give 12B from the rechargeable battery on a valve conclusion ("minus" of the battery is connected to a car body). If at the same time the click is clearly heard — the valve is serviceable.

It is possible to check the valve and after removal, having connected its conclusion to "plus" of the rechargeable battery, and the case having concerned "mass" of the car. The serviceable valve will publish distinct click, and its locking needle will be involved in the case on 2–4 mm. The faulty valve is changed.

Key "on 13" we unscrew the valve.

We wash out an idling jet from the old valve (if new has other marking) in acetone, we blow compressed air and we rearrange on the new valve.

We wrap the new valve in the carburetor "by hand", having convinced that the rubber sealing ring on the place and is not damaged. We launch the engine and if it unevenly idles or becomes deaf (signs of untight landing of the valve), slightly we hold out the valve a key "on 13".

At a detachment of a wire of power supply from the valve plug the working engine has to stop.