4. Engine power supply system

1 – forward tube of a fuel-supply line;
2 – filter of thin purification of fuel;
3 – lever of manual pumping of the fuel pump;
4 – fuel pump;
5 – fuel hose;
6 – hose of an air inlet of warm air;
7 – zabornik of cold air;
8 – case of the air filter;
9 – a branch pipe for removal of crankcase gases to the spool-type device of the carburetor;

10 – exhaust collector of crankcase gases;
11 – carburetor;
12 – flange of the sensor of the index of level and reserve of fuel;
13 – toplivozabornik;
14 – sensor float;
15 – back tube of a fuel-supply line;
16 – stopper of the fuel tank;
17 – a hose of the message of the fuel tank with the atmosphere;
18 – fuel tank.

Enter a power supply system of the engine: the fuel tank, a fuel-supply line, the fuel pump, the carburetor with drives of throttle and air gates and the air filter with the case.

The reserve of fuel is in a tank which is installed in a luggage carrier on the right side. Fuel from a tank on a fuel-supply line via the filter of thin cleaning arrives to the diaphragm pump. It is put in action from the clown of the roller of the drive of auxiliary units. At the idle engine fuel in the carburetor can be pumped up the lever of the manual drive of the pump. In external remote laying of the pump there is an opening. Dribble of fuel from it testifies to leakage of a diaphragm of the pump. Further fuel moves in the carburetor.

Air comes to the engine via the replaceable paper filter which case is installed on the carburetor.