4.4. Replacement of the fuel tank and cover of its hatch


Before removal of a tank we recommend to merge fuel in a canister a hose through a jellied mouth.
We remove an overlay of the fuel tank (see Replacement of an upholstery of a luggage carrier).

We disconnect from the fuel level sensor tips of three wires and a fuel hose (see Replacement of the sensor of the index of level of fuel).

That the remains of fuel did not flow out, we insert a bolt of M8 into a hose and we tighten a collar.

Key "on 10" we turn off a bolt and we put an external collar of fastening of a tank on a trunk floor.

We remove a cover of a mouth of a bulk pipe from an otbortovka on aperture perimeter.

We take out the fuel tank from the luggage compartment.

ATTENTION! Before any repair of the fuel tank it is necessary to wash out carefully it hot water with detergent from within.

We install the new or repaired fuel tank as it should be, the return to removal.
For removal of a cover of the hatch …

... by the crosswise screw-driver it is turned off two self-tapping screws...

... also we uncover the hatch.