4.2. Replacement of the fuel pump


The crosswise screw-driver we weaken an inhaling of collars of the bringing and taking away fuel hoses.

We remove hoses from pump unions. That gasoline did not follow, we stop up hoses with M8 bolts.

Key "on 13" we turn off two nuts of fastening of the pump...

... also we remove it from hairpins.

We remove external adjusting laying from hairpins...

... a heat-insulating pro-rate with a pusher...

... and the second laying which we mark that at assembly not to mix it with the first.

We install the new pump as it should be, the return to removal. At the same time laying we establish everyone on the place.
For reliable operation of the fuel pump periodically we check and if necessary we select thickness of external adjusting laying. For this purpose we turn a bent shaft of the engine so that the pusher acted at the minimum size.

After installation of a heat-insulating pro-rate with both laying the pusher of the drive of the fuel pump has to act at a size of 0,8-1,3 mm.

Between the block of cylinders and a heat-insulating pro-rate laying 0,27-0,33 mm thick has to be established. External laying (between a pro-rate and the pump) is selected under the required pusher vystupaniye size. This laying can be made independently, having cut out it from a leaf of a paronite of suitable thickness.