3.5. Replacement of the camshaft and levers of valves


We uncover heads of the block of cylinders. (see Replacement of laying of a cover of a head of the block of cylinders).
We install the camshaft in the situation corresponding to the end of a step of compression of the 4th cylinder (see Adjustment of a gap between levers and cams of the camshaft).

Key "on 13" we weaken an inhaling of the cap-type nut of a natyazhitel of a chain. Resting an assembly shovel against a boot of a natyazhitel, we wring out a rod of a natyazhitel and we fix it, having tightened the cap-type nut (the hose of a radiator is removed for descriptive reasons).

We unbend edge of a lock washer of a bolt of fastening of an asterisk of the camshaft.

We include transfer and a key "on 17" we turn off an asterisk bolt.

We remove a bolt together with washers.

We remove an asterisk together with a chain of the camshaft and we stack in a block head. That the chain did not jump, we tie it to an asterisk.

Key "on 13" we turn off nine nuts of fastening of the case of bearings of the camshaft.

We remove the case assembled with the camshaft from hairpins.

Key "on 10" we turn off two bolts of fastening of a persistent flange to the case...

... also we remove a flange.

We take the camshaft from the case.

We raise the valve lever, we exempt it from a spring. We remove the lever.

We remove a lever spring.

We install the camshaft in the return sequence, at the same time its spline has to be on the left side (at a look in front).

We tighten nuts of fastening of the case of bearings in the sequence specified in the drawing.

Order of tightening of nuts of fastening of the case of bearings of the camshaft.