3.3. Oil replacement


We warm up the engine up to the working temperature, but it is better to make replacement of oil right after a trip.

We remove a stopper of a maslozalivny mouth.

Six-sided key "on 12" we turn off a drain stopper of the pallet of a case and we merge oil in in advance prepared capacity, not less than 4 l.

By special key or hands it is turned off...

... also we remove an oil filter.

We wrap a case pallet stopper.
We fill in fresh oil in a new oil filter and we apply it on a rubber sealing ring of the filter. With rags it is wiped a privalochny ring of the block.
The oil filter is wrapped by hand and we wipe begin to flow oils.
Through a jellied mouth we fill in fresh engine oil, controlling its level on the probe.

It has to be between the marks "MIN" and "MAX" in the probe.

We launch the engine for several minutes then we stop it and in 10 min. we check lack of leaks from under an oil filter and oil level in the engine. If necessary – we tighten the filter, we add oil.