3.22. Replacement of inserts of a bent shaft


We remove a cowl (see Replacement of a cowl) and the rechargeable battery.
We merge oil (see oil Replacement).
We merge cooling liquid (see Replacement of cooling liquid).
We remove a radiator together with the thermostat (see Replacement of a radiator and Replacement of the thermostat).
We remove the carburetor (see Replacement of the carburetor).
We remove the fuel pump (see Replacement of the fuel pump).
We remove the ignition distributor (see Replacement of the distributor of ignition).
Having sketched a connection order, we disconnect hoses and wires from the engine, we facilitate the block of cylinders for what we remove a block head (see Replacement of laying of a head of the block of cylinders).
We remove the generator (see Removal of the generator).
We remove a starter (see Replacement of a starter).
We remove the pump of cooling liquid (see Replacement of the pump of cooling liquid).
We turn off the top or lower nuts of fastening of a pillow of a support of the engine (see Replacement of a pillow of a support of the engine).
We turn off fastening bolts to the coupling case engine.

We fix cables of the lifting device on the block and we raise it. Having established a jack under the transmission and slightly shaking the block, we separate the block and a case of coupling.

We install the block of cylinders on the stand.
We remove coupling (see Replacement of a press disk assembled and the coupling switching off bearing).
We remove a pulley, a camshaft drive cover, a chain and a gear wheel of the drive of the oil pump (see Replacement of a chain of the drive of the camshaft).
We remove the roller of the drive of auxiliary units (see Replacement of the roller of the drive of auxiliary units).
We remove a flywheel and the holder of a back cuff of a bent shaft (see Replacement of a back cuff of a bent shaft).

Key "on 10" we turn off fourteen bolts of fastening of the pallet of a case to the block of cylinders...

... also we remove it together with sealing laying.

We remove the oil pump (see Removal and dismantling of the oil pump).

Head "on 14" we turn off two nuts of fastening of a cover of a rod...

... also we uncover a rod.

Resting the wooden handle of the hammer against a rod, we push out the piston from the cylinder.

Similarly we take out other three pistons.

Head "on 17" we turn off two bolts of fastening of a cover of the radical bearing of a bent shaft...

... also we remove it.

In the same way we remove other four covers of radical bearings. The tags corresponding to their serial number are applied on them (the account from a sock of a bent shaft). On the last (fifth) cover two tags carried at the edges are beaten out.

Tags on covers of radical bearings.

We remove a bent shaft.

From the protocheck of a bed of the fifth radical bearing we take out two half rings of the persistent bearing of a bent shaft.

The steel-aluminum inserts established in beds of the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th radical bearings have a pro-point. The insert of the 3rd bearing of a pro-point has no (it is similar to the inserts established in covers of radical bearings).

We sort a bent shaft (see Dismantling of a bent shaft).
We take out old inserts of radical bearings. We wash out the block of cylinders and a bent shaft in diesel fuel or kerosene. We blow compressed air their internal cavities and oil channels.
We wipe with a napkin seats of radical bearings and we establish new inserts of the corresponding category (nominal or repair).
We grease radical and conrod necks of a bent shaft with engine or gearbox oil and we install a shaft in the block.

We establish according to tags of a cover of radical bearings with the new inserts of the category corresponding to necks of a bent shaft established in them. We tighten bolts of fastening of covers a dynamometer key (see Appendices).

We check rotation of a bent shaft. It has to be easy and smooth, without jammings and side plays.
In the lower heads and covers of rods we establish new steel-aluminum inserts (see Replacement of the piston).

We oil engine the piston, rings and walls of the cylinder. We squeeze rings special adaptation and we turn the piston the tag "П" to a sock of a bent shaft. Easy blows of the wooden handle of the hammer to the piston bottom utaplivay it in the cylinder.

We put on a cover of a rod and a dynamometer key we tighten bolts (see Appendices).
We make further assembly of the engine in the sequence, the return dismantling.