3.21. Adjustment of a gap between levers and cams of the camshaft


We uncover heads of the block of cylinders (see Replacement of laying of a cover of a head of the block of cylinders).

For convenience we take out the oil probe.

We uncover the ignition distributor (see Replacement of a rotor of the distributor).

The key turned a bent shaft clockwise (a look in front) before coincidence of a tag (drilling) on a camshaft asterisk with a ledge on the case of bearings.

At the same time the tag on a pulley of a bent shaft has to settle down opposite to a tag of VMT (long) on a camshaft drive cover.

Such provision of shaft corresponds to the end of a step of compression in the 4th cylinder. We regulate gaps of the 8th and 6th cams (in the direction of travel).

For adjustment of a gap a key "on 17" we weaken an inhaling of a lock-nut of an adjusting bolt.

We insert the probe 0,15 mm thick between the lever of the valve and a cylindrical part of a cam. A key "on 13" we rotate an adjusting bolt, exposing the required gap. Movement of the probe has to be free, but without side plays.

We take out the probe and, holding a key an adjusting bolt, the second key we tighten a lock-nut.

At the same time the adjusting bolt rises a little. After that we check a gap and if necessary we repeat adjustment.

We turn a bent shaft of the engine on 180 ° clockwise. At the same time the camshaft will turn on 90 °. For convenience the tag on an asterisk of the camshaft can be duplicated outside.

The angle of rotation of the camshaft can be controlled also on the distributor runner. It will also turn on 90 °; then we adjust the following pair of valves.

Sequence of adjustment of valves is specified in the table:

Angle of rotation of a bent shaft

No. of adjusting bolts
0 °
8 and 6
180 °
4 and 7
360 °
1 and 3
540 °

5 and 2