3.2. Lubrication system

The lubrication system combined – under pressure and spraying. Under pressure radical and conrod bearings of a bent shaft, support of the camshaft and the roller of the drive of auxiliary units, cams of the camshaft and the plug of a gear wheel of the drive of the oil pump are greased. The oil following from gaps and sprayed by moving details greases walls of cylinders, pistons with piston rings, piston fingers in lugs, a chain of the drive of the distributive mechanism, a support of levers of the drive of valves, and also cores of valves in their directing plugs. Oil pressure on the heated-up engine with an average frequency of rotation of a bent shaft makes 3,5–4,5 kgfs/cm2; At pressure drop of oil to 0,4–0,8 kgfs/cm2 the signaling device of insufficient pressure in a combination of devices lights up. Enter the lubrication system: the oil pump, a reception branch pipe with the filtering grid attached to a pump housing; the full-line oil filter installed on the left side of the engine; a bulk mouth with a cover; the index of level of oil (probe) in a case; the sensor of insufficient pressure of oil connected to a signaling device lamp.

The oil pump – gear type with kosozuby gear wheels for reduction of a pulsation of pressure of oil, is installed in a case and fastens to the block of cylinders two bolts. The leading gear wheel is not movably fixed on the roller. The conducted gear wheel freely rotates on the axis pressed in a pump housing. To a pump housing the maslopriyemny branch pipe with the filtering grid and the built-in reducing valve which is drawn in by a spring to a pump cover fastens. Pressure of operation of the valve is provided by a spring of the corresponding elasticity.

The oil filter – full-line, non-demountable, is supplied perepuskny and antidrainage with valves.

The system of ventilation of a case closed, compulsory, with a suction of gases through an oil separator.

Power supply systems, cooling and production of the fulfilled gases are described in the corresponding heads.

The sizes of the main interfaced details of the engine and limits of admissible iznos in operation are specified in the end of the head.