2.6.5. Lighting and light alarm system

Cause of defect

Elimination method

Lamps of headlights, lamps do not burn

Lamp thread fused

Replace a lamp

Weak contact in the boss of a lamp

Smooth out surfaces, press out a cartridge

The safety lock fused

Before replacing a safety lock, check an ohmmeter the chain protected by the fused safety lock for lack of short circuit on "weight"

Wires are damaged, their tips are oxidized or put leaky on

Press out plugs, replace faulty wires

Contacts of the relay are oxidized, relay windings fused, switches are faulty

Replace the relay, switches, press out plugs, smooth out contacts

The alarm system (see also "Lamps of headlights, lamps do not burn") does not work

The switch of the alarm system is faulty

Replace the switch

The backing light (see also "Lamps of headlights, lamps do not burn") is not turned on

The backing switch is faulty (on the transmission)

Replace the switch

The lever of the switch of indexes of turn does not come back to a starting position, levers of the understeering switch are not fixed

Clamps are broken, springs are lost

Replace the faulty switch

The lens of a headlight mists over

Between the case and the lens water gets

Miss the mark cracks with sealant

Cracks in the lens of a headlight

Replace a headlight

Water got from a motor compartment

Having taken out a lamp, remove with blotting paper water. At a sink of a motor compartment under pressure close headlights