18. System of heating and ventilation


1 – deflector;
2 – air duct of heating of a windshield;
3 – airinflow cover;
4 – radiator;
5 – radiator casing;
6 – draft of the crane of a heater;
7 – by-pass pipe;
8 – underwater pipe;
9 – heater crane;
10 – airdistributing cover;

11 – heater fan electric motor;
12 – krylchatka of the fan;
13 – additional resistor;
14 – air duct of internal ventilation;
15 – lever of an airdistributing cover;
16 – arm of control levers;
17 – handle of management of an airinflow cover;
18 – handle of control of the heater crane;
19 – draft of a cover of airinflow.

Scheme of work of a heater

1 – airdistributing cover;
2 – fan electric motor;
3 – krylchatka;
4 – heater crane;
5 – underwater pipe;
6 – by-pass pipe;
7 – radiator casing;
8 – airinflow cover;
9 – cowl;

10 – deflector;
11 – air duct of heating of a windshield;
12 – drafts of the drive;
13 – arm of control levers;
14 – handles of management;
15 – radiator;
16 – air duct of internal ventilation;
17 – lever of an airdistributing cover.

System of heating – liquid. As the heat carrier cooling liquid from a shirt of cooling of the engine is used. The system consists of the heater, an arm with control levers and air ducts. The electric fan and two air gates are installed in the case of a heater a radiator with the crane.

The crane and the gate of an intake of air are connected by flexible drafts to control unit levers. Extreme right position of the top lever corresponds to full opening of the crane and the maximum stream of cooling liquid through a heater radiator.

At similar position of the lower lever the gate of an intake of external air is completely open that it corresponds to the maximum air stream through a heater. Rotary deflectors of the dashboard allow to direct air streams to heating of a windshield, glasses of forward doors and salon. The lower gate (an airdistributing cover) is not connected with the control unit of a heater.

We open and close the gate for the lever attached to it from the left (driver's) side.

Speed of an air stream through a heater is regulated by the three-position switch. They can set one of two operating modes of the electric fan – minimum and maximum.

ATTENTION! It is forbidden to turn on the electric fan at the closed gate of an intake of air and the open crane of a heater.