18.4. Replacement of the crane of a heater


We merge liquid from the engine cooling system (see Replacement of cooling liquid).

The screw-driver we weaken an inhaling of collars and we remove hoses from heater radiator pipes.

Key "on 8" we unscrew two self-tapping screws...

... also we remove a sealant from radiator pipes.

In a car interior we remove the shelf of the dashboard (see Replacement of the shelf of the dashboard). For convenience we remove the case of a ware box (see Replacement of the case of a ware box).

Key "on 7" we weaken an inhaling of the screw and we disconnect draft of the drive of the crane of a heater.

Key "on 10" we unscrew two screws of fastening of the crane to a heater radiator...

... also we remove the heater crane together with an inlet pipe and rubber laying.

Key "on 10" we unscrew two screws and we disconnect from the crane an inlet branch pipe with laying.

Pay attention to a laying profile.

We shoot and rearrange a bracket of fastening of draft of the drive with the new crane.

We install the new crane with new laying as it should be, the return to removal. We fill with liquid the cooling system of the engine and we are convinced of tightness of connections of the crane with a radiator of a heater and an inlet branch pipe.