18.2. Replacement of a radiator of a heater


The radiator of a heater is replaced in case of leak of cooling liquid since it is not exposed to repair.
We merge liquid from the engine cooling system (see Replacement of cooling liquid).
We disconnect hoses from pipes of a radiator of a heater and we remove a sealant (see Replacement of the crane of a heater).
We remove a fan casing (see Replacement of the electric fan of a heater).

We take out a radiator from its casing.

Key "on 10" we turn off two bolts...

... also we remove a by-pass pipe of a radiator with sealing laying.

We remove the heater crane (see Replacement of the crane of a heater).
The new radiator is established into place as it should be, the return to removal.
At the same time carefully we coat with sealant of connection of hoses of a supply of cooling liquid with heater radiator pipes. We replace regular collars worm, they press out hoses better and pressurize connections.