18.1. Replacement of the electric fan of a heater


We disconnect the "minus" plug from the rechargeable battery.
We remove the shelf of the dashboard (see Replacement of the shelf of the dashboard).
We remove the radio receiver panel (see Replacement of the panel of the radio receiver).

By the crosswise screw-driver it is turned off two self-tapping screws...

... also we remove the lower air ducts from the car.

Key "on 10" we turn off a nut of forward left fastening of a heater...

... also we remove from a hairpin of fastening "minus" an electric fan wire.

By the screw-driver it is hooked and we remove four spring brackets of fastening of a casing of the fan (see Replacement of a casing of a radiator)...

... we shift a casing down, then to the right and we remove from the car.

We remove the directing fan casing.

We disconnect the red wire connecting the electric fan to the additional resistor.

We overturn a casing of the fan and we open an airdistributing cover.

We drag in a casing of a wire of power supply of the electric motor.

Again we overturn a casing, by the screw-driver "is unsnapped" two spring brackets of fastening of the electric motor...

... also we take out it from a casing.

Key "on 14" we turn off a nut of fastening of a krylchatka...

... also we remove it from the electric motor.

Also we remove two rubber pillows from the electric motor.

The new electric motor is installed in the return sequence.