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17. Body

Basic elements of a body

1 – back wing;
2 – back door;
3 – forward door;
4 – forward floor;
5 – forward wing (left);
6 – mudguard rack;
7 – mudguard;
8 – arm of a front bumper;
9 – side overlay of a front bumper;
10 – front bumper;
11 – rubber buffer;

12 – lower panel of a front;
13 – forward wing (right);
14 – cowl;
15 – sidewall;
16 – windshield frame;
17 – roof panel;
18 – trunk lid;
19 – overlay of a back rack of a roof;
20 – back partition;
21 – back panel.

Description of a design

Body of the sedan VAZ-2106 car, the bearing design, three-volume, four-door. The framework of a body consists of a submotor frame with mudguards, floor panels with intensifying cross-pieces and thresholds, panels of a front, back, etc. Details and knots of a body are made by stamping and connected among themselves by welding.

Removable panels and knots: cowl, doors, trunk lid, hatch of the fuel tank.

Main glasses of doors lowering. In lobbies rotary glasses, in back – small motionless glass are in addition established. The rear-view mirror on forward doors fastens outside. The windshield is nonshattering, three-layer, polished. Other glasses tempered, polished. Back glass can be equipped with the heating device.

In front of and behind a body on metal arms the chromeplated bumpers with rubber chippers and plastic sidewalls are established.

Front seats separate, with head restraints, are regulated in the horizontal direction, and seatbacks – on a tilt angle. Lobbies and at some executions – back seats are equipped with seat belts.

The interior of the car is installed on panels: combination of devices, electrical switches, governing bodies of ventilation and heating, ware box, shelf, lighter, ashtray.

On a tunnel of a floor the removable plastic panel of the radio receiver is installed.

The radiator of a heater and the fan from the electric motor are united with the drive by the plastic casing established under the dashboard.

The floor of salon is covered with the formed carpet on a waterproof basis. Under a carpet thermonoise-insulating laying is laid.

The upholstery of a luggage compartment is made of the formed plastic.

From below the body of the car is covered by structure of BMP-1 or elastic mastic "D11-A Plastisol". A floor in salon is pasted over with bituminous sheets. The internal surfaces of panels of doors are processed by bituminous mastic.