17:33. Replacement of lowering and motionless glasses of a back door


We lift glass in the top situation.
We remove a door upholstery (see Replacement of an upholstery of a door).
We disconnect from the directing fillet draft of the drive of the lock (see Replacement of the drive of the lock of a back door).

Key "on 8" we turn off a bolt and a nut of fastening of a fillet...

... also we lower it, having brought out of gearing with a rack.

Having lowered glass, the crosswise screw-driver we unscrew screws of its fastening to a window regulator cable. We lower glass against the stop in the lower roller.

Key "on 10" we weaken an inhaling of a tension roller of a window regulator.

Having removed a cable from the lower roller, we fix it on a door in the tense state. We remove glass from a roller and we lower against the stop.

We take out the top sealant.

The crosswise screw-driver we unscrew the screw of fastening of a rack.

Together with motionless glass we remove a rack forward, having moved apart a sealant of the chromeplated fringings.

We remove the external and internal chromeplated fringings (see Replacement of lowering glass of a forward door).

We take out lowering glass from a door.

We establish glasses in the return sequence.