17:31. Adjustment of a door


Gaps on perimeter of a door have to be identical.
For adjustment on height we weaken an inhaling of screws of both loops and we move a door down. Holding it in required position, we wrap screws the crosswise screw-driver. We cover a door and we check its situation in an aperture. If necessary we repeat adjustment.
The external surface of a door should not be drowned or act rather next a door and a wing. If it is necessary to put forward or "drown" the top part of a door, we weaken an inhaling of three screws of the top loop and we nominate to ourselves, or utaplivay the top part of a door. We wrap screws the screw-driver, we close a door and we check coincidence of external surfaces of doors and a wing.
In the same way we regulate the lower part of a door. After adjustment finally we tighten screws the impact crosswise driver.

If necessary the door can be removed without sorting. For this purpose we carry out the operations specified a photo 1 and 4.