17:23. Replacement of an upholstery of a door


Having hooked the screw-driver, we take out an armrest cap.

The crosswise screw-driver through openings of an armrest we unscrew three screws of its fastening and we remove an armrest.

We enter an edge of the shlitsevy screw-driver between the socket and facing of the handle of a window regulator. Wringing out facing from the socket, we uncouple them and we remove facing of the handle.

We remove the handle and the socket of the handle.

Having hooked the shlitsevy screw-driver, we remove facing of the internal handle of the lock of a door.

Having hooked the shlitsevy screw-driver, "we unsnap" 7 plastic clamps of fastening of an upholstery located on lower and to lateral faces of a door.

We lower an upholstery a little and we remove it from the internal handle of a door.

If necessary, for example, for glass replacement, we remove an overlay of an upholstery.

We unscrew a hand or the crosswise screw-driver the button of blocking of the lock.

The crosswise screw-driver we unscrew the self-tapping screw of its side fastening.

By the Shlitsevy screw-driver it is hooked and "we unsnap" three plastic clamps.

Having raised, we remove a slip from a door.

We establish a door upholstery in the return sequence.