17:21. Replacement of the dashboard


We remove the "minus" plug from the rechargeable battery.
We remove the shelf of the dashboard (see Replacement of the shelf of the dashboard).
We remove the radio receiver panel (see Replacement of the panel of the radio receiver).
We remove a combination of devices (see Removal of a combination of devices)
We remove overlays of racks of a windshield (see Replacement of a windshield).
We remove the case of a ware box (see Replacement of the case of a ware box).

We disconnect or pull out the first together with the boss of a lamp...

... also we disconnect the second the feeding wires of a plafond of illumination of a ware box.

By the Shlitsevy screw-driver it is hooked and we remove the heater electric fan switch (see Replacement of the switch of the electric motor of a heater).

By the thin shlitsevy screw-driver it is hooked and we remove handles of control levers a heater.

We remove hours (see Replacement of hours).

By the screw-driver it is hooked...

... also we take out deflectors.

By the crosswise screw-driver it is turned off four self-tapping screws of the lower fastening of the dashboard.

Key "on 10" we turn off four nuts of the top fastening of the dashboard (two through "window" under a combination of devices and two in "window" of a ware box).

We remove the dashboard. For convenience it is possible to remove a steering wheel (see Removal and installation of a steering wheel).

We install the dashboard in the return sequence.