16. Electric equipment

Connection of sources of the electric power (the rechargeable battery, the generator) and consumers is executed according to the single-wire scheme. Function of the second wire is performed by a body ("weight") to which negative conclusions are connected. Schemes of electric equipment of cars are presented in Appendices. For switching of the main chains of the car the combined ignition switch consisting of a contact part and the mechanical anti-theft device with the lock serves. Switches of external lighting, fog light, heating of back glass are installed (on parts of cars) in a guard of devices. The switch of the alarm system, a signaling device of insufficient level of brake fluid, the switch of lighting of devices, the lighter are placed on a radio receiver panel insert. Switches of light of headlights, indexes of turns, a cleaner and washer of a windshield are united in the block of understeering switches. Electroconsumers of big power (headlights, screenwashes, etc.) join via electromagnetic relays.

The radiator of the cooling system is blown by the electric fan. The engine of the fan turns on automatically via the sensor switch (earlier food on it moved via the relay on temperature sensor signal).

On the back panel (in a luggage carrier) the lamp of illumination of a luggage compartment is fixed.

ATTENTION! Chains of sound signals, the lighter, food of a signal of braking, plafonds of illumination of salon, the plug socket for a portable lamp, power supply of the alarm system always are energized.

Block of safety locks

Chains of onboard network of the car (except a power chain of a starter) are protected by fuses which are installed generally and additional blocks. They are located under the dashboard from the driver.

The chains protected by safety locks are specified in the table.

1. At repair of electric equipment disconnect the minus plug of the rechargeable battery (at the switched-off ignition).
2. Before establishing a new safety lock instead of fused, find out and remove the cause of burn-out.
3. Do not use safety locks of the increased face value or self-made – it can lead to burn-out of an electrical wiring and even to become a cause of the fire.

The electric chains protected by fuses

safety lock No. (rated current)

Names of the equipment of the protected electric chains

F 1 (16 AND)

Sound signal.
The plug socket for a portable lamp.
Braking signal lamps.
Plafonds of internal illumination of a body

F 2 (8 AND)

Screen wiper relay.
Heater electric motor.
Electric motors of a screen wiper and washer of a windshield

F 3 (8 AND)

Driving beam (left headlights).
Lamp of a signaling device of inclusion of driving beam

F 4 (8 AND)

Driving beam (right headlights)

F 5 (8 AND)

Passing beam (left headlight)

F 6 (8 AND)

Passing beam (right headlight). Back fog lamp

F 7 (8 AND)

Dimensional light (left front position lamp, right back lamp).
Luggage carrier lighting lamp.
Right lamp of illumination of registration plate.
Lighting lamps of devices.
Lighter illumination lamp

F 8 (8 AND)

Dimensional light (right front position lamp, left back lamp).
Left lamp of illumination of registration plate.
Podkapotny lamp.
Lamp of a signaling device of dimensional light

F 9 (8 AND)

The index of pressure of oil with a signaling device lamp.
Index of temperature of cooling liquid.
Index of level of fuel
Lamp of a signaling device of a charge of the rechargeable battery.
Indexes of turn and corresponding lamp of a signaling device.
Signaling device of half-open of the air gate of the carburetor.
Winding of the relay of heating of back glass

F 10 (8 AND)

Tension regulator.
Winding of excitement of the generator

F 11 (8 AND)


F 12 (8 AND)


F 13 (8 AND)


F 14 (16 AND)

Element of heating of back glass

F 15 (16 AND)

Cooling system fan electric motor

F 16 (8 AND)

Indexes of turn in the mode of the alarm system