16.9.7. Repair of the generator


We remove the generator from the engine (see Removal of the generator).

Key "on 10" we turn off a nut...

... also we remove an insulating washer from a conclusion "30" generators.

Key "on 19" we turn off a generator pulley nut. We hold a rotor from a provorachivaniye the screw-driver for a ledge of a krylchatka (do not bend the blade).

We remove a washer...

... pulley details...

... adjusting ring...

... and krylchatka.

With small chisel it is deleted from a shaft groove a spline...

... also we remove the ring established behind it.

Key "on 10" we turn off four nuts...

... also we take out the bolts which are pulling together generator covers.

We remove a forward cover.

If the rotor shaft densely sits in the bearing, holding the generator on weight for a forward cover, we beat out an axis through a mandrel from soft metal.

We remove an adjusting washer. At assembly do not forget to establish it into place.

For replacement of the forward bearing with a key "on 8" we turn off four nuts. At assembly they were zakontrena – end faces of hairpins are crumpled. If nuts at an otvorachivaniye are damaged, at assembly will be required new.

We uncover external and internal together with hairpins.

Through a mandrel we beat out the forward bearing.

We install the new bearing, striking easy blows to its external ring through a mandrel as which it is possible to use a suitable head or the plug.

We establish covers of bearings, we tighten nuts...

... and to small beards or chisel again kontry them.

We remove the brush holder (see Replacement of brushes of the generator).

Drift from soft metal we beat out a rotor from a back cover. The rotor is removed together with the bearing.

Replacement of the back bearing is required seldom. If necessary we pull together it from a rotor shaft with a stripper.

The new bearing is pressed, striking blows through a mandrel – and only to its internal ring.

Head "on 8" we turn off three nuts of fastening of conclusions of the stator to the vypryamitelny block.

Having drawn in the thin screw-driver a clamp of the plug of a "zero" wire...

... we remove the stator.

We take out a bolt of a conclusion "30".

From a back cover we take three bolts together with insulating laying...

... also we take out the vypryamitelny block.

Check of the vypryamitelny block see in the section Check of the Generator.
The gate (diode) has unilateral conductivity. Faulty, as a rule, passes current in both directions. Replacement of separate gates is possible, but their repressing in the holder – the operation demanding accuracy and skill is required. Therefore we recommend to change the vypryamitelny block at failure of its elements assembled.

Serially connecting ohmmeter probes to stator conclusions, we check its windings for break...

... and short circuit on the case.

The faulty stator is replaced
Before assembly it is cleared all details of oil, dirt and coal dust. We wipe contact rings with the fabric moistened with gasoline or solvent. At strong oxidation and a podgoraniye we smooth out rings the smallest skin.

We assemble the generator as it should be, the return to dismantling. Before installation of the stator in a back cover we insert the plug of a "zero" wire (previously having unbent its clamp) into a connecting block of the generator.