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16.9.3. Replacement of a belt of the drive of the generator


For convenience we remove the rechargeable battery.

Head "on 17" we weaken a nut of fastening of the generator to an adjusting level (for descriptive reasons the rechargeable battery is removed).

Assembly shovel we displace the generator to the block of cylinders. If the excessive effort for this purpose is required, then having removed an engine mudguard (see Replacement of pillows and a bar of the stabilizer)...

... a key "on 19" we weaken an inhaling of a bolt of the lower fastening of the generator.

Having displaced the generator to the engine, we take off a worn-out belt and we put on new.

Wringing out an assembly shovel the generator from the engine, we pull a belt and in such situation we tighten a nut of fastening of the generator to an adjusting level.

We establish the correct tension of a belt in deflection size on the site between pulleys of the generator and pump of cooling liquid or the pump and a bent shaft under effort of 10 kgfs. In the first case the deflection has to make 10–15 mm, in the second – 12–17 mm.

After adjustment we tighten the lower nut of fastening of the generator and we establish an engine mudguard.