16.9.1. Description of a design

The car is completed with the G-221 generator. It is the three-phase synchronous electrical machine with electromagnetic excitement and the built-in rectifier on silicon diodes. The rotor of the generator is given to rotation by a belt from a pulley of a bent shaft of the engine.

The generator is installed on an arm in a forward part of the engine on the right side.

Technical characteristic of the G-221 generator

The maximum given current (at a voltage of 13B and frequency of rotation of a rotor of 5000 min. –1), And

Working tension, In
Transfer relation of the belt drive
The direction of rotation (from the drive)

The stator and covers of the generator are connected by four bolts. The shaft of a rotor rotates in two ball closed bearings. Lubricant in bearings is put on all service life of the generator. An internal ring of the back bearing napressovano on a rotor shaft, and external – in a back cover. The second bearing of a rotor is pressed in a forward cover and clamped from two parties by plates with four bolts.

Stator winding – three-phase, connected according to the scheme "star". The signaling device relay charging of the rechargeable battery is connected to a conclusion of a zero wire. If after launch of the engine the lamp of a signaling device burns – in a chain of the generator there was a malfunction.

The rectifier – the bridge scheme, consists of six power restrictive diodes. They are pressed in two horseshoe aluminum plates radiators. Plates are united in the vypryamitelny block fixed on a back cover of the generator.

The winding of excitement of the generator is located on a rotor. Conclusions of a winding are soldered to two copper contact rings on a rotor shaft. Food is brought to them through two copper and graphitic brushes. A conclusion "67" brush holders is connected to a conclusion "67" regulators of tension which is fixed on the left mudguard in a motor compartment.

Now the electronic regulator of tension 121.3702 is installed. It is non-demountable, is not subject to repair.

On cars of early releases it was used electromechanical the RR-380 relay regulator. Regulators are interchangeable, but electronic it is more preferable.

ATTENTION! "Minus" of the rechargeable battery has to be always connected to a car body, and "plus" – to a conclusion "30" generators.

During the operation of the generator do not disconnect the rechargeable battery. It can lead to damage of electronic elements of onboard network.

Maintenance of the generator consists in control of a tension of a belt of its drive (see Replacement of a belt of the drive of the generator).