16.5.4. Replacement of the relay of screenwash


The relay of screenwash (PC514) is intended for providing a faltering operating mode. It is established under the dashboard from the driver and to a body it is attached by two screws.

Specifications for check

Resistance of a winding of the relay, Ohm

Resistance of a winding of the breaker, Ohm
Number of inclusions of a cleaner in a minute
9–17 *

* After inclusion of a brush of a cleaner can make up to four continuous double courses until the bimetallic plate heats up to working temperature.

We remove a sealant from an otbortovka of a forward rack of a driver's door.

Having hooked the screw-driver, we remove the left upholstery of a sidewall. Its subsequent installation will require two new buttons of fastening (see Replacement of an upholstery of a sidewall).

Under the dashboard crosswise screw-driver...

... we unscrew two self-tapping screws of fastening of the relay.

I will corrode the relay is in the dashboard behind a guard of devices. The dashboard can approach it from below. A connecting block of the relay with four conclusions. We disconnect it (for descriptive reasons the picture is taken with the removed guard of devices).