16.15.3. Removal of a combination of devices


We remove the top casing of a steering column (see Replacement of understeering switches).

Pricker we pierce a covering – in necessary places on the dashboard there is a pimple.

Through the made opening the screw-driver drew in a spring clamp and bring bottom edge of a guard of a combination of devices out of the panel.

Similarly we remove bottom edge of a guard on the other hand.

We disconnect the plug from the switch of the handle of control of the air gate.

It is greatest possible the guard (for descriptive reasons the steering wheel is removed) is nominated to itself and we disconnect the drive from a speedometer, having turned off a cap nut of the top end of a cable.

Having left a combination to hang on wires, we separate shestishtekerny...

... and vosmishtekerny connecting blocks of devices.

We remove connecting blocks from conclusions of switches, having remembered or having written down places of their connection.

Finally we remove a combination of devices.
We establish a combination of devices in the sequence, the return to removal. After connection of all electric sockets we connect the rechargeable battery, we include ignition and we are convinced of the correct operation of all devices. Then we fix a guard on the dashboard.