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16:14. Repair of the electric motor of a heater

Scheme of turning on of the electric motor of a heater

1 – heater electric motor;
2 – additional resistor;
3 – heater electric motor switch;
4 – block of safety locks;

5 – ignition switch;
6 – generator;
7 – rechargeable battery.


The ME-255 electric motor – a direct current with excitement from permanent magnets.
At inclusion of power supply of the electric motor via the additional resistor the anchor rotates more slowly. Resistor resistance – 1,5 Ohms at 20 °C.

Technical characteristic of the electric motor of a heater *

Frequency of rotation of a shaft, mines 1

The consumed current with a frequency of rotation of a shaft stated above, no more, And
Small frequency of rotation of a shaft, mines –1
The consumed current with a small frequency of rotation, no more, And

* At electric motor loading a krylchatka, tension 12B and temperature of 25±10 °C.

We recommend to replace the faulty electric motor new (see Replacement of the electric fan of a heater). Frequent defect of the electric motor – whistle of its bearings. Unfortunately, lubricant of plugs gives only temporary effect.
The unique repair is a cleaning of a collector.

ATTENTION! We mark mutual position of the case of the electric motor and a cover.

We remove a washer from an anchor axis...

Having hooked the screw-driver, we remove a lock ring …

… and textolite washers.

Having removed rubber pillows of the engine (if they were not removed at dismantle of the engine), by the screw-driver it is turned off two screws of fastening of a cover.

Screws are wrapped in plates with carving openings which are inserted into case cuts from the opposite sides.

We uncover assembled with the brush holder.

We take out an anchor from the case and we remove two washers from a shaft.

We blow internal cavities of the electric motor compressed air for removal of coal dust and we check a condition of brushes, a collector and a winding of an anchor.
Brushes have to freely, without jammings to move in brush holders, and springs have to be whole and have sufficient elasticity. The collector is smoothed out by a fine-grained grinding skin, and then we degrease alcohol or gasoline. If the collector strongly burned or is worn-out, then it is better to change the electric motor.
We assemble the electric motor in the sequence, the return dismantling.

ATTENTION! Check coincidence of tags on a cover and the case of the electric motor.