16:13. Cleaner and washer of a windshield

Scheme of inclusion of a cleaner and washer of a windshield

1 – washer electric motor;
2 – switch of a cleaner and washer of a windshield;
3 – relay of screenwash;
4 – cleaner motor-reducer;

5 – block of safety locks;
6 – ignition switch;
7 – generator;
8 – rechargeable battery.


Repair of screenwash, generally comes down to editing of the deformed details of the lever drive or replacement with their new. We recommend to replace a faulty motor-reducer new.
For check of a condition of contacts
motor-reducer removal of a screen wiper is not required.

We remove a cover, opening access to a reducer.

We unscrew screws …

… also we uncover.

We unscrew the screw of a bracket of fastening of a plait of wires …

… also we remove the panel with laying.

We examine contacts and conducting paths. We change the broken and worn-out elements assembled.

For removal of a screen wiper we separate a connecting block …

… and, having removed the left edge of a sealant of a cowl, we take out a plait of wires from a panel cut.

Key "on 10" we turn off a nut of fastening of the lever of a brush.

"on 17" we pull together with a key the lever from shliyets of an axis.

Key "on 22" we turn off a nut …

… also we remove the plug with rubber laying.

Also we disassemble the drive of the second brush.

Key "on 10" we turn off two nuts of fastening of a screen wiper to a body.

Accurately we take out a cleaner, trying not to bend drafts of the drive.

Having hooked the screw-driver, we remove short draft from a spherical finger of a crank.

Key "on 10" we turn off a nut and we remove a crank.

Key "on 10" we turn off three bolts …

… also we remove a cleaner arm.

For dismantling of a motor-reducer we remove a cover and the panel with wires (as it is stated above).

Having hooked the screw-driver, we remove a lock ring...

… protective cap, steel and textolite washers.

Having removed a sealant and having pressed an axis, we push out a gear wheel from a reducer.

We remove textolite and steel washers from its axis.

By the screw-driver it is turned off two screws of fastening of a reducer...

… we take out plates …

… also we remove the electric motor case, holding the screw-driver an anchor for a worm.

From a reducer we take out an anchor with the adjusting washer which is put on its axis.

In a cover there are a spring and a thrust bearing established in an end face of the channel.

We take out from the brush brush holder.
To remove dust from the electric motor, we blow it compressed air. We check a condition of brushes, a collector and a winding of an anchor.
Brushes have to freely, without jammings to move in brush holders, and springs – to remain elastic and not to have damages. The collector is smoothed out by a fine-grained grinding skin, then we wipe with solvent or gasoline. If the collector strongly burned or is worn-out, then it is better to replace the electric motor.
We begin assembly of a screen wiper with installation of an anchor in an electric motor cover for what …

… by the thin screw-driver it is unbent face walls of brush holders...

... also we insert into them brushes, having drowned them completely as far as cuts for wires allow.

We establish an anchor in a cover.

From end faces of the brush holder we insert springs on the places and we bend the unbent walls of brush holders.

Having covered a gear wheel and other rubbing connections with Litol-24 lubricant, further assembly is carried out to the sequences, the return dismantling.

ATTENTION! For the correct work of brushes of a cleaner (that brushes of a screen wiper stopped in the necessary situation):

... before installation of a motor-reducer on an arm we include it for a short time, having connected to onboard network of the car via the socket.

Only after a full stop of the electric motor we separate a block and we continue further assembly.

The crank is established parallel to short draft of the drive.