16.12.6. Alarm system and indexes of turns

Scheme of system of the alarm system and indexes of turn

1 – forward lamps with lamps of indexes of turn;
2 – rechargeable battery;
3 – generator;
4 – side indexes of turn;
5 – main unit of safety locks;
6 – additional block of safety locks;

7 – ignition switch;
8 – switch of the alarm system;
9 – switch of indexes of turn;
10 – relay of indexes of turn and alarm system;
11 – a speedometer with a signaling device of inclusion of indexes of turn;
12 – back lamps with lamps of indexes of turn.


Indexes of turns (left and right) join the understeering switch. The mode of the alarm system (all indexes of turns blink) joins the special switch which is installed in radio receiver panels. The relay of the alarm system is fixed on the forward panel to a guard of devices and has to provide a blinking of lamps of indexes of turn with a frequency of 90±30 cycles a minute at a temperature of air from-20 to 50 °C and tension from 10,8 to 15 Century. At burn-out of one of lamps of the index of turn the frequency of a blinking of a signaling device and the remained lamps doubles.