16.12.5. External lighting, lamps of a signal of braking, fog light and backing

Scheme of inclusion of external lighting

1 – forward lamps with lamps of dimensional light;
2 – rechargeable battery;
3 – generator;
4 – podkapotny lamp;
5 – block of safety locks;
6 – braking signal switch;
7 – the plug socket for a portable lamp;

8 – backing light switch;
9 – ignition switch;
10 – switch of external lighting;
11 – a speedometer with a signaling device of inclusion of dimensional light;
12 – luggage carrier lighting lamp;
13 – back lamps with lamps of dimensional light, a signal of braking and light of a backing;
14 – lamps of illumination of registration plate.


Forward lamps of dimensional lighting are established in forward lamps (front position lamps) together with indexes of turns.
The back combined lamps unite lamps of dimensional lighting (in extreme sections, is closer to registration plate), light of a backing, braking signals (located in average sections) and the index of turn (in external sections). Lenses of sections of indexes of turn of orange color, backing light – white, the others – red. The registration plate is lit with two lamps established in additional sections of back lamps.
The braking signal switch fixed on an arm of pedal knot turns on when pressing a brake pedal. The electric chain of a signal of braking is connected to the rechargeable battery, passing the ignition switch.
The backing light switch installed in a transmission case on the right side works only at the included ignition.
On the central racks of a body of the car plafonds of illumination of salon with the built-in switches are located. In doorways on racks additional switches are installed. When opening any of doors illumination of salon joins regardless of position of switches in plafonds. Chains of illumination of salon always energized. On the forward panel in podkapotny space the lighting lamp of a motor compartment is installed. It works only at the included external lighting and an open cowl (the boss of a lamp has the switch).