16.12.3. Replacement of a lamp of a reflector of a headlight


We remove facing of headlights (see Replacement of a front grille).

The crosswise screw-driver we weaken an inhaling of three screws of fastening of a rim of a reflector of a headlight (on the example of an internal headlight).

We turn a rim to an exit of screws from a cut...

... also we remove it and the lens.

We disconnect a wire tip from a lamp conclusion.

Having squeezed a clamp, we bring its short moustaches out of grooves...

... also we change a faulty lamp.

ATTENTION! The Galogenovy lamp cannot be taken hands for a glass flask not to leave fat marks from fingers. If it occurred, the flask should be degreased alcohol.

Reflector and the lens one-piece, in case of malfunction we change them assembled. For this purpose...

... we disconnect a tip of a wire of "weight" and we take out the lens with a reflector.

We collect a headlight as it should be, the return to removal. The reflector in the case of a headlight is aligned by special ledges. At its installation we check that inscriptions on the lens were located horizontally.

The lens of an external headlight we change in the same order, having disconnected a trekhshtekerny block from a lamp.

The lamp is clamped in a reflector by two spring clamps.