16.12.25. Adjustment and replacement of a sound signal


We remove a front grille (see Replacement of a front grille).

We remove a tip of wires from conclusions of a sound signal.

Key "on 13" we turn off a nut of fastening of a signal to an arm.

If it does not manage to be made, we turn off a nut of fastening of an arm of a signal to a body...

... also we remove it together with a signal.

The new signal is established as it should be, the return to removal, if necessary having rearranged on it an arm from old. We connect wires to a signal in any order.
To adjust sounding, we remove a signal, without disconnecting wires.

At the pressed signal button on a steering wheel the screw-driver smoothly rotated the adjusting screw, trying to obtain a pure and loud sound. If adjustment did not possible to eliminate rattles, we change a sound signal.