16.12.20. Replacement of understeering switches


On the car the three-lever understeering switch installed on a steering column is used. Switches of the index of turns, light of headlights and an operating mode of a cleaner and washer have the general case.
We remove a steering wheel (see Removal and installation of a steering wheel).

By the crosswise screw-driver it is turned off four screws which are pulling together from two parties of a half of a casing of a steering column...

… and one self-tapping screw fixing the lower half on a column.

We remove the top and lower half of a casing...

We remove a combination of devices (see Removal of a combination of devices).
In the dashboard we separate connecting blocks of a plait of a supply of tension to understeering switches …

… to eight - six - and two-demountable.

We take out them from below the dashboard.

Key "on 8" we weaken a bolt of a collar of fastening of understeering switches...

… also we remove them together with a plait of wires from a steering column, having shifted along an axis up.

We install new understeering switches in the sequence, the return to removal.

Establishing casings of a steering column, do not forget to put on a rubber ring the ignition switch.

ATTENTION! Stacking plaits of wires in the lower casing, we are surely convinced that they do not concern a steering shaft.