Adjustment of the moment of ignition


We establish a bent shaft in the provision of the top dead point of a step of compression of the piston of the first cylinder (a long tag).
If the distributor of ignition was not removed from the engine, then we define a step of compression of the first cylinder, having removed its cover – the contact of a rotor has to stand against the internal contact of a cover connected by a wire to a candle of the first cylinder. If the ignition distributor (after replacement or repair) is only installed on the engine – we turn out a candle of the first cylinder. Having closed an opening a paper stopper, we rotate a bent shaft. The coming-out air, having pushed out a stopper, will point to the beginning of a step of compression in the first cylinder.

Key "on 13" we weaken an inhaling of a nut of fastening of a lock plate.

We turn the distributor case clockwise before short circuit of contacts of the breaker – the lamp will go out.

Slowly we turn the distributor case counterclockwise before fire of a lamp, at the same time slightly we press a rotor counterclockwise to choose a gap in the drive. Holding it in such situation, we tighten a nut of a lock plate.

After adjustment we specify the ignition moment (see Correction of a corner of an advancing of ignition).