Check of work of system of ignition


If the engine is not launched in the presence of fuel in the carburetor, we check work of system of ignition.

We take out the central high-voltage wire (connected to the ignition coil) from a distributor cover.

We bring its tip at distance about 1 millimeter to the bared contact of "weight" (for example to a bolt or a hairpin on the engine).

Holding a wire in such situation, we ask the assistant to scroll a starter a bent shaft of the engine.
If at the same time there is no spark, check one after another: a gap between contacts of the breaker (see Adjustment of a corner of the closed condition of contacts of the breaker).
Presence of tension on low-voltage contact of the distributor at inclusion of ignition can be checked a tester or a control lamp.

The tester (voltmeter) at a provorachivaniye of a bent shaft has to show periodic emergence of tension, and the control lamp – to light up and die away (see Check of installation of the moment of ignition).

We replace the ignition coil with obviously serviceable.
If the spark is, we establish the central wire into place and we repeat experiment with any of candle wires.
If between a candle wire and "mass" of a spark is not present, it is possible: subsidence of condensate on an internal wall of a cover of the distributor; damage of a piece of coal of the central electrode; malfunction of the resistor of the runner...

... and also oxidation of electrodes of a cover of the distributor and runner.

If the spark on a candle wire is – we check a condition of candles, the moment of installation of ignition (see appropriate sections).