16.11.13. Repair of the sensor distributor of ignition


We remove the ignition sensor distributor (the same as the contact distributor, see Replacement of the distributor of ignition).
It is possible to measure characteristics of vacuum and centrifugal regulators only on the special equipment.

By the screw-driver it is turned off two screws of fastening of a rotor.

We remove a rotor.

At installation of a rotor into place the square ledge has to be put in a cut, and round in an opening of a basic plate.

To thin small beards we beat out the forelock.

We remove a maslootrazhatel and a washer from a shaft.

We take out the roller from the distributor case.

Having hooked the thin screw-driver, we remove a locking washer of draft of the vacuum regulator of an advancing of ignition.

We remove draft from a pin of a rotary plate.

We unscrew two screws of fastening of the vacuum regulator of an advancing of ignition

One of screws has lengthening for fixing of an electrical wiring of the sensor.

We remove the vacuum regulator.

For check of the vacuum regulator utaplivay its rod and a finger we close an union opening. At the serviceable regulator the rod has to move forward only on a part of length if the rod moves forward at all length at once – the detail is faulty. We replace the regulator.

We unscrew two screws of fastening of the sensor.

We take out a sensor electrical wiring.

We unscrew two screws of fastening of the connecting socket …

… also we remove the sensor. Malfunctions of the sensor are more often connected with mechanical damages of wires.

We unscrew two screws …

… also we take out the bearing with a rotary plate.

The bearing at rotation should not jam and have side plays. We assemble the ignition distributor as it should be, the return to dismantling.

Before installation of the vacuum regulator accurately we stack conducting of the sensor.

We grease plugs of the roller, an axis of small weights of the centrifugal regulator and the bearing of a rotary plate.